Meet the Mama’s and the Papa’s!

Meet Denver!

He is an enthusiastic, loving, medium size Australian Labradoodle. He loves agility, playing ball, frisbee, kids and sprinklers. Just be sure to include…

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Meet Abby!

Abby Cadabby is a medium sized Multi-Generation Labradoodle with a curly coat and loving personality. She weighs 35 pounds and 19 inches at…

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Meet Sophie!

Sophie is an adorable F1B, (3/4 Poodle 1/4 Labrador) Cafe-Au-Lait Labradoodle. She never had an opportunity to leave our home. Sophie was… 

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Meet Rita!

Jannie Doodles is so pleased to announce our new family member, Canadoodle’s Welby’s Lovely Rita. She is a miniature Australian Labradoodle…

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Jannie Doodles Puppy Video

Jannie Doodles Puppy Video